Psychic Dyslexia Institute - Comics


Our best heroes:

Tracker Caine (Canine)

Tracker CainePower(s):
Can sense and track psychic powers in others

Works directly for Mysto recruiting members for the Institute and the Team. Also head Team trainer. Used to be member of POOP (Psychic Overt Operations Patrol). Often sniffs out super villains. Was born in the Louisiana Bayou — origins of power unknown.





Sylk Andrews (Phocine)

Sylk AndrewsPower(s):
Can make anything wet at will

Grew up on the New England coast where a toxic spill forced her out of her natural habitat and onto dry land, where she discovered her new power. Tracker sniffed her out, but she had to rescue him, as Mangia had eaten part of his boat, and he was drowning.



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New heroes we are working on...

Bomba Preston (Hystricine)

Can make self (and sometimes other objects/people) heavier
Bomba had apprenticed himself to a magician in hopes of learning levitation — his aptitude tests showed he had a good chance of learning this talent — but his dyslexia reversed it. He read about the Institute in a Sunday color supplement and called them up. Tracker spotted his indomitable spirit and recruited him to the Team soon afterwards.


The advantages of reading comic books

Comics consist of a series of cartoons in relation to dialogue in speech balloons or other text captions. In theory, this sequence of questions to be in the comics, and for this reason a lonely cartoon cells, for example, can not be regarded as such a book. You might think that just because the comics are quite new environment they are usually seen as less legitimate method of entertainment. Basically, we have to keep separate the structure of comics with their content. To put it another way, we have to stop associating comics with childish comic characters and super heroes as these aren't their only possible subject of interest.

Low-cost, low-quality and disposable terms are often used to explain the comics and rarely described as setting reading material for children. It's been said in the past that the boys comics were considered escalation while girls comics cause particular submission based hobby home life, and how they look and dress. Some might also say that as a society we don't appreciate visual literacy causing our development in reading style to moves us straight from picture books to full text books. Beginners depend on images while skilled readers use the words alone.

It is possible that comics for sale can be used to help children with learning difficulties. It was discovered that certain principles in comics can be useful for those with dyslexia and other learning needs, especially the left-to-right series of comic panels and use a simple capital letters, symbols, and connections to help with understanding.

Although additional study on reading comics plus the effects this could have on kids is required, we could for now be in agreement on the next three points: that kids choose to read comics; those kids who read comics are inclined to read new material and there's very little evidence of harmful effects from reading comics and may therefore be encouraged.